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north east wales football association

North East Wales Football Association

NEWFA The North East Wales FA was started in 1968 and is the youngest of the area associations in Wales.  At that time the Football Association of Wales was based at Fairy Road in Wrexham and comprised of a Secretary, 4 clarks and and administrati...

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welsh national league

Welsh National League

The Welsh National League (Wrexham Area) as we know it today was formed after the end of the Second World War during which period many football competitions were suspended. In a way the League grew out of a tournament which was carried out in the are...

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welsh football association

Welsh Football Association

The Football Association of Wales (FAW) was founded in Wrexham in February 1876 by a group of businessmen who wanted a representative team to play against Scotland. They wished to emulate the matches between the Scots and the English that had begun f...

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